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Currently we are closed for new memberships, anyone new wishing to join will be placed on a waiting list.
The 2's are motoring along, Joe O' Brien in front with a lot of chasers......
Player of the year has Conor O' Rourke in front, can he be caught, 2 games to go...

Next game is the 14th of July, texts will be sent out prior to game with playing schedule.
Matchplay has started, second round on 15th of June, checkout the matchplay page to see fixtures.

Anyone who didn't play Matchplay today has 2 weeks to complete the game.

Well done to Gary Johnston on having a superb round of 8 under, new club record.

Game Schedule 2024                  
Feb 11th
March 3rd
April 7th
May 12th
June 15th Saturday - Mystery day
July 14th
August 18th
September 7th - Saturday - Captains Day
October 20th
November 10 - Turkey Shoot